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Sterile U split drape
Sterile U split drape Sterile U split drape Sterile U split drape

Sterile U split drape

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The disposable drape is a split sheet. It has a U-shape aperture cut in one end for creating a sterile barrier during surgical procedures. It is widely used for neck surgery, head surgery, hip surgery, knee-joint arthroscopy procedures.

Product Description

We offer a complete range of drapes, which are suitable for different applications and treatments, both for covering operating theatre surfaces and for draping and protecting the patient.

U split drape

U-split Drape provides a sterile barrier to prevent fluid strikethrough and help to reduce risk of contamination. These adhesive drapes surgical help to keep patients and table dry. It reduces cleanup time, and minimize the risk of exposure to health-care personnel.


U-shape aperture drape is used in sterile surgery operating room. The product is non-irritating, non-toxic, odorless, and has no side effects on the human body. Effectively improve surgical efficiency and reduce the risk of cross-infection. Using in knee-joint arthroscopy surgery, orthpedic surgery to minimize cross-infection during surgery. 

Material: SMS,SSMMS,SMMMS, PE+SMS etc.;

Size: 150*250cm, split 7*70cm; 230*260cm, split 20*100cm, absorbent patch 75*140cm;

Character of U-split Drape

  • Reliable and secure adhesive;
  • Blocking the transmission of bacteria;
  • Good air permeability;
  • High strength and durability;
  • Free from chemical agents and latex, soft on sensitive skin;

We accept customized design if you need. Please contact us for more information.

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