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Angiography Surgery Drapes
Angiography Surgery Drapes Angiography Surgery Drapes

Angiography Surgery Drapes

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This Angiography drape can be used for intervention surgey in hospital. Mainly preventing and isolate blood, bacteria and virus invading.

Product Description

We offer a complete range of drapes, which are suitable for different applications and treatments, both for covering operating theatre surfaces and for draping and protecting the patient.

Angiography drape

Angiography Drape is an all-in-one drape with a reinforced area around the two off-centre fenestrations as well as elastic adhesive film including fenestration and a large bilateral film section. It is used for covering patients and control panels for angiography procedures.


Angiography drape is used in sterile angiography operating room. The product is non-irritating, non-toxic, odorless, and has no side effects on the human body. Effectively improve surgical efficiency and reduce the risk of cross-infection. Using in angiography surgery which is most important to minimize cross-infection during surgery. 

Material: Non-woven, SMS/SMMS etc.;

Size 230*300 cm, transparent side panels, absorbent patch 75*70 cm;

Character of Angiography Drape

  • Absorbent reinforced extra layer area around critical operating site to ensure extra absorbency and strength;
  • Adhesive edges-edges with glue running down one edge of a drape. The adhesive edges are used to secure the drapes staying in place during the procedure. The adhesive edges are usually fixed to the patient;
  • Aperture-access hole in the drapes enabling entry to the operating area;
  • Fluid collection pouch-controling the liquid released during the operation;
  • All products are wrapped in a sterile field to avoid contamination of items remove from the operation field;

We accept customized design if you need. Please contact us for more information.

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