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SMS sterile surgical gown
SMS sterile surgical gown SMS sterile surgical gown

SMS sterile surgical gown

Product ID : surgical gown
Product Tags : Standard Surgical gown
Product Attributes :

suitable for doctors in surgery room.

Product Description

Sterile disposable surgical gown


Outstanding in waterproof, antu-static, anti-alcohol effect, significantly reduce the risk of infection in turn care life sincerely.

Great resistance against penetration of fluids and bacteria, provide active barrier against bacterial contamination of the surgical field, protect the clinicians and the patients' health.


Advanced SMS material technology used.

Light weight, breathable, and comfort.

Great protection for clinical and patients facing contaminants and fluids in operation process. 

Different pretention class designs.


Standard Surgical Gown

Sterile surgical gown, standard.

Suitable for operation of short duration involving small quantities of fluids.

Material: 35gsm SMS, 40gsm SMS, 45gsm SMS, 50gsm SMS, 45gsm SMMS, 45gsm SMMMS

Size: 120cm*144cm, 130cm*150cm, 135*150cm, 140cm*160cm






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