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Laparotomy surgical drape pack
Laparotomy surgical drape pack Laparotomy surgical drape pack

Laparotomy surgical drape pack

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Laparotomy Packs are specially designed to contain surgical items needed to perform laparotomy surgery in operating room

Product Description

Laparoscopy pack

Laparotomy Pack can effectively provide protection for the full range of laparoscopic and perineal procedures with the Laparotomy Drape and surgical gowns. These surgical drapes and surgical gowns can be used easily because they are packed together. Each laparotomy pack contains the surgical items and a laparotomy drape. The laparotomy surgical drape can absorb the flood when operating.

Product information:

  1.  2pcs    Surgical Gown L;
  2.  2pcs    Hand Towels 30*30cm;
  3.  4pcs    Adhesive Drape 40*60cm;
  4.  1pc     Laparotomy Drape 236*148cm;
  5.  1pc     Surgical Drape 140*180cm;
  6.  1pc     Table Cover 150*200cm;
  7.  1pc     Mayo Stand Cover 80*145cm;

*All the specification and item lists can be customized.

Material: PP, PP+PE, SMS, SMMS, etc.;

Label: Customized Printing is Available;

Packing: 1pck/sterile pouch;

Sterile: OE

Product feature:

  • Isolation: isolating contaminated areas from operating areas.
  • Barrier: preventing fluid and microbial penetration. 
  • Fluid Control: collecting body fluid and irrigation fluids.
  • Comfortable: light gram, soft, breathable.
  • Soft, lint free, light weight, compact moisture resistant, nonirritating, and static free.


Disposable Laparotomy pack can be used in hospital. It can protect the doctors from being fected by the blood/ body fluid and other infectious material.

1. It is most important to minimize crose-infection during surgery. The laparotomy pack are designed and manufactured in cleaning workshop, safety and comfort for both patient and surgeon.

2. The high quality SMMS fabric and absorbent material are carefully studied and closed to create the best barriers for bacteria, blood and other fluids. This is in combination with a major concern for comfort and performance.


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