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Ophthalmic suegery drape
Ophthalmic suegery drape Ophthalmic suegery drape

Ophthalmic suegery drape

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Disposable non-woven ophthalmic surgical drape can be used in hospital clinics. It is breathable, preventing doctors and patients and isolating blood borne pathogens, bacteria and virus invading. So it is play an important role during surgery.

Product Description

Extremity drape

Ophthalmic Drapes that are used extensively for covering the body parts except the eye area during operation. This ophthalmic drape is designed from the excellent quality material to offer complete protection during surgery and operation. Also, this ophthalmic drape is accessible in various specifications to choose from.

This drape is used in the operation room for Ophthalmid Surgery, It can be used to improve the convenience, efficiency and safety of surgical procedures, meanwhile reducing the risks of accidental cross infection.

Ophthalmic drapes are available in a variety of sizes with different design features to meet the needs and surgery requirements of ophthalmic surgeons worldwide.


Material: SMS,SSMMS,SMMMS, PE+SMS etc.;

Size: 100*130cm, aperture 8*10cm;

Character of Ophthalmic Drape

  • Isolation: Isolating dirty, contaminated areas from clean areas.
  • Barrier:  Preventing fluid penetration.
  • Sterile Field: Creating a sterile operative environment by aseptic application of sterile materials.
  • Sterile Surface: Creating a sterile surface on the skin which acts as a barrier to prevent skin flora from migrating to the incision site.
  • Fluid Control: Channeling and collecting body and irrigation fluids
  • Equipment Draping: Allowing non-sterile equipment to be brought into the sterile field


We accept customized design if you need. Please contact us for more information.

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