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Ophthalmic surgical drape pack
Ophthalmic surgical drape pack Ophthalmic surgical drape pack

Ophthalmic surgical drape pack

Product ID : Ophthalmology pack
Product Tags : Ophthamology Pack
Product Attributes :

Ophthalmic custom procedure pack is composed of quality single-use surgical drapes, customized to answer medical staff requirements for specific ophthalmic procedures, as well as ensure quick and effective treatment in a completely sterile environment.

Product Description

Ophthalmology pack

The eye surgical pack is specially designed for ophthalmic surgery operation, such as penetrating keratoplasty, intracapsular or endotracheal cataract , transconjunctival cryocoagulation and cerclage of the eye bulb.

There is one fenestration and surrounding fluid collection pouch of the medical ophthalmology drape. The disposable ophthalmic pack could provide safe barrier function against liquid and bacterial penetration.

Product information:

  1. 1pc     Surgical Gown 129*157cm;
  2. 1pc     Hand Towel 40*48cm;
  3. 1pc     Mayo Stand Cover 61*135cm;
  4. 1pc     Suture Bag 30*16cm;
  5. 1pc     Small Tray 13*12cm;
  6. 1pc     Blue Cotton 15cm;
  7. 5pcs   Gauze 10*10cm-16p;
  8. 1pc    Ophthalmic Drape 53*36cm;
  9. 1pc    Table Cover 127*229cm;

*All the specification and item lists can be customized.

Material: PP, PP+PE, SMS, SMMS, etc.;

Label: Customized Printing is Available;

Packing: 1pck/sterile pouch;

Sterile: EO

Product feature:

The disposable ophthalmic pack contains disposable eye drapes, surgical gowns and all other consumables necessary in the ophthalmic procedures. It can prevent fluid penetration, channeling and collecting body and irrigation fluids, avoids cross-infection during eye operation.


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